12 Week Challenge to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Follow our techniques for a minimum of 3-Months and experience Reversal* of Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Once in a week personal consultation (Offline or Online)
  • Rigorous# mentoring and follow up across
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Stress Reduction
    • Sleep Management
    • Yoga (Pranayama, Asanas & Kriyas to Revive Metabolism)
    • Positive Behaviour Reinforcement Strategies

Steps to enroll –

Guidance and support by a medical doctor trained in evidence-based modern medicine are essential for successful remission of T2Diabetes:

  • Initial Assessment and Screening for Diabetic complications such as retinopathy.
  • Calorie restriction in the initial phase, followed by a gradual shifting to proprietary dietary methods will need careful supervision.
    • Understanding right & wrong foods and overcoming addiction to favorite foods require behavioral support.
    • Pre-Diabetes & T2 Diabetes patients switch back to their old diets very often (Yo-Yo).
    • Sustainable reversal of Diabetes for a lifetime requires strict compliance with the recommendations.
    • 1-1 customized coaching is critical as most patients cannot cope with the rigor alone without supervision.
  • As the sugar levels improve rapidly, removing the medications, require careful calibration to avoid hypoglycemia.
  • Weight loss is a healthy side effect and the transition needs to be managed carefully. The weight loss targets are tied to the BMI at the time of enrolment.

*# While we make it easy and lively, the level of success of the program depends on your discipline and perseverance to complete the program as per instructions.