8 ways to prevent colon cancer

8 Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer

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Bowel cancer is one of the most preventable cancers.
Detected early, more than 90% can be cured.

Risk factors:

    1. Age More than 50.
    2. Increased insulin levels or diabetes.
    3. chronic inflammatory bowel disease (example: Crohn’s disease)
    4. history of polyps in the bowel
    5. family history of bowel cancer

Be on the alert for any abnormal changes

    1. bleeding from the rectum or any sign of blood
    after a bowel motion
    2. a change in usual bowel habit, such as constipation or loose motions
    3. abdominal pain or sensation of bloating
    4. weight loss, loss of appetite for no obvious reason
    5. Symptoms of anemia – tiredness, weakness or breathlessness.

Early Detection Surveillance:

    1. (FOBT) Faecal Occult Blood Test or
    2. (FIT) Fecal immuno-chemical test or
    3. Stool DNA test every year from age 50.
    If (FOBT) is positive, colonoscopy, is required.
    4. Colonoscopy: Bowel examination using high grade lens and video technology.
    5. Sigmoidoscopy is colonoscopy of the lower part of the bowel
    6. CT colonography.

How to prevent Bowel Cancer?

    1) Do a (FOBT) every year from age 50. Follow up tests, if necessary.
    2) Get 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous
    exercise per day.
    3) Eat a well balanced diet.
    4) Maintain a healthy body weight.
    5) Avoid processed and burnt meat;
    6) Avoid or limit red meat intake to three to four times per week.
    7) Limit alcohol.
    8) Quit smoking.

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