9 Ways to Prevent Kidney Cancer

9 Ways to Prevent Kidney Cancer

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Risk factors

    1) Gender: Men are 2 to 3 times More likely
    2) Age: Between 50 to 70
    3) Race: Blacks are more susceptible.
    4) Family History of Kidney cancer: Genetic Syndromes that increase the risk.

Be on the alert for any abnormal changes

    1) Blood in the urine.
    2) Low back pain and a mass on the side.
    3) Unexplained Weight loss or Loss of appetite
    4) Unexplained Fever that doesn’t resolve.
    5) Anemia (Fatigue or breathless)

How to Prevent Kidney Cancer?

    1) Quit Smoking: 2 times Risk. Reason for 30% of kidney cancers in men and about 25% in women.
    2) Keep weight in check : Strong Correlation with Obesity; about 24% kidney cancers can be prevented with weight in check.
    3) Control or avoid Hypertension
    4) Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.
    5) Avoid Exposure to certain occupational chemicals such as Cadmium and organic solvents.
    6) Avoid overuse of painkillers and diuretics.
    7) Avoid Chronic Kidney Disease
    8) Avoid Prolonged Dialysis Therapy.
    9) Regular consultation with your health-care provider

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