We are a bunch of red-necked revolutionaries chronicling our experiments with assorted garbage, that we call food, while we travel the world on our motorcycles. Kidding!

We are a group of Physicians, disillusioned with the current reactionary healthcare systems, on a mission to flip the healthcare model on its head, one brick at a time. We are passionate advocates of tech to boost preventive healthcare.

Our mission is to educate the men and women of this planet, in the nuances of the preventive healthcare, through innovative ways of content delivery. We wish to co-opt interested healthcare professionals and students in this mission. Please use the contact form to reach out to us.

Physician MBA, Founder & Principal Editor
Preventabl Healthcare Research

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  5. All the information provided is curated from Scientific journals (mostly abstracts at pubmed.gov). Given the target audience is lay men and women; and the medium of instruction is videos, many (long winding) references aren’t included in the display. However, we would ensure to include the references, wherever feasible. Please reach out to us if you require any further insights into the abbreviated tips or themes and we would be happy to get back with detailed references and explanations.
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