Why should you care about Diabetes, a True Pandemic?

Increasingly sedentary lifestyles around the globe, driven largely by the post-Industrial ICT economy, coupled with “easy food” are leading to widespread obesity. From hunting and gathering days, when food was scarce and when we could sustain by eating once or twice a week, the abundant food supplies after the onset of organized agriculture, have drastically altered our eating habits. The changed composition of the food (with carbohydrates taking up the lion’s share) and our penchant for eating as often as we can, have led to the obesity pandemic. Obesity is a very strong risk factor and is probably the most common precursor to the Type 2 Diabetes.

The Diabetes tsunami has engulfed over 400 million people, over the last three decades, making it an epidemic of humongous proportions. It was only a mild and rare disease seen in occasional retirees in the 50s; but transformed, since the 80s, to a chronic and devastating condition with serious and permanent debilitations, often kicking in as early as mid-30s. It can affect people of all ages, race, geographies, socio-economic status, and background. It is a leading cause of end stage renal disease, adult onset blindness and non traumatic lower extremity amputation. Diabetes is the foremost factor responsible for early deaths due to various complications. Someone dies of Type 2 Diabetes somewhere in the world, every 10 seconds.

If you are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes, do everything to keep it at bay. Because once it sets in, it necessitates constant attention every single day of our lives. If you are aware of risk factors and can recognize the symptoms, kindly get your random blood glucose assessed today.

God forbid, if you are already diagnosed to be a diabetic, it is critical to master the DIY ways of managing diabetes and lead a normal life. You’ll have to be on your toes, watching what you can eat and what you cannot, monitoring the disease for any complications,  and making drastic lifestyle changes with the goal of managing your blood glucose levels within the normal range at all times. This is critical to ensure health in the long run and avoid damage to nerves, kidneys, blood vessels, and eyes due to elevated Glucose levels. Easier said than done, as keeping blood sugar levels within the normal range is a constant challenge.

Beyond just controlling the blood glucose levels, a common concern is whether Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented, reversed or cured. Contrary to the widespread notion that Type 2 Diabetes is a progressively worsening condition, several studies have proved conclusively that 80% of Type-II diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Another encouraging finding has been that dietary and lifestyle modifications significantly override the genetic handicaps in arresting the onslaught of diabetes. Disciplined lifestyle based on rigid diet and exercise regimens can completely reverse (or even cure in some cases) Type 2 Diabetes, if tackled early on (when Pancreas is still fully functional).

Type 1 diabetes, on the other hand, cannot be cured. As Pancreas is fully and permanently impaired, producing no Insulin, these patients require Insulin injections several times a day for life. This condition cannot be prevented or reversed and so is out of scope on any of the posts, tools or eBooks on this “preventabl” website. Taking on Type 2 Diabetes by the horns early on (Pre-Diabetes); or if the risk factors are known, making all out efforts to prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 Diabetes is the premise of this website.

Diabetes is a difficult disease but our outlook and attitude should be that of a dour long distance runner. Look at one day at a time, take complete charge of health, and constantly find ways to be happy; freely share your travails, motivations, achievements and happiness with others; and seek fun and motivation in all aspects of your daily life.

I would say it is a blessing in disguise as it is an early warning, a rude wake up call to stop binge-eating and wallowing like a pig (with due respect) and start living like a lean, mean machine destined for greater achievements in life. Otherwise, with the current lifestyles, people are sure to get various other ailments including hypertension, stroke, cancer etc sooner than later, apart from Diabetes.

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