How to prevent ovarian cancer

How To Prevent Ovarian Cancer?

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Risk factors
1) Family history of ovary, breast or colon cancers / Inherited Genetic syndromes
2) Race: Ashkenazi Jews are at higher risk.
3) Age: 80% cases more than 50 years of age.
4) Obesity
5) Endometriosis increases risk of certain types of ovarian cancers.
6) Unexplained Infertility, No children and no intake of OCPs
7) Estrogen only Hormone Replacement Therapy

Be alert for any abnormal changes
Difficult to detect early – symptoms are vague.
1) abdominal bloating; difficulty eating or feeling full quickly; indigestion, constipation
2) frequent or urgent urination
3) back, abdominal or pelvic pain
4) menstrual irregularities
5) pain during sexual intercourse.
6) fatigue, loss of weight

How to prevent ovarian Cancer?
1) Maintain ideal Weight
2) Breast feeding
3) Pregnancy: Higher the number of pregnancies, lower the risk.
4) Birth control pills: 50% reduction in risk, if taken for 3 or more years.
5) Screening tests: blood test CA125 and Transvaginal ultrasound
6) Tying the fallopian tubes
7) Hysterectomy
8) Prophylactic Ovarian ablation: for women at high risk: BRCA 1 & 2 Positive or Inherited genetic Syndromes

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