Preventive Healthcare MOOCs


  • Learn to Prevent Cancer

    Cancer is a devastating disease, if discovered late. Though there are certain cancer types where even earlier detection doesn’t change the prognosis, at least 12 different cancer types show excellent response to treatment, if detected early. Learn the general & specific guidelines to prevent atleast 12 eminently preventable cancer types. Understand the principles of chemoprevention, screening and early detection to eliminate the risk of developing cancers.

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  • Learn to Reverse Diabetes

    Obesity is a strong precursor to Type-2 Diabetes. Contrary to the widespread notion that Type 2 Diabetes is a progressively worsening condition, several studies have proved conclusively that 80% of Type-II diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Disciplined lifestyle based on rigid diet and exercise regimens can completely reverse (or even cure in some cases) Type 2 Diabetes. Learn to stay free of Diabetes for the rest of your Life. Losing oodles of weight is a byproduct.

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