5 Cancer Prevention Themes

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Despite scientific proof for genetic mutations as causative factors, it is the complex overlay of lifestyle and protective or risk factors that play a key role in triggering cancers

Cancer prevention strategies entail certain actions for altering causative or genetic risk factors –

  1. Following a set of Lifestyle and Dietary guidelines.
  2. Tackling Risk factors. For instance, Avoiding various carcinogens or controlling their metabolism if ingested accidentally.
  3. Adopting Protective factors. There are general and specific protective factors for each cancer type.
  4. Strategies to Detect Precancerous Conditions Early and removal. For example, Cervical Pap smears and removal of Precancerous cervical conditions.
  5. Medical intervention also called Chemoprevention: There are medicines to treat a precancerous condition or to keep cancer from starting.

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