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Quit Smoking

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Don’t Start, if you aren’t already into it. Cornerstone strategy is to Actively discourage teenagers & young adults from smoking. Despite the intense efforts, globally, about 18-20% of people continue to smoke.

Quitting isn’t easy! But, Complete cessation has striking benefits.

  • Within 2 years of quitting, the risk of many smoking-related diseases begins to drop,
  • Within 10 – 20 years, the risk of lung cancer and most other tobacco-related diseases nearly equals that of non-smokers.

People successfully kick the habit every day.
It needs persistent effort and often number of attempts (6 or 7).
Different methods suit different people – Cold Turkey, Gradual, Intermittent etc
Heavy smokers often see Higher success with help from a health-care provider.

  1. Take advice regarding Nicotine replacement aids such as gum, lozenges, patches, and medications.
  2. Join a quit-smoking program at your workplace
  3. Check with your insurance provider for any Guided Smoking Cessation Programs.
  4. Tech Aids: Follow advisory mobile apps, tools & websites such as smokefree.gov
  5. Pursue Alternative therapies, behavioural counseling etc

If you’re not ready to quit, continue to learn about the impact of smoking.

Watch out for your kids. If you smoke, your children will be more likely to pick up the habit. Don’t smoke in the house or car. Exposure to passive smoking is equally dangerous to children. When appropriate, talk to your kids about the dangers of smoking and tobacco.

What about Electronic Cigarettes?
Battery-powered “vaping” devices marketed as a safer alternative to standard tobacco cigarettes and as aids in quitting smoking. They work by aerosolizing a nicotine-containing liquid that is then inhaled. However, these are early days with lots of questions. It is prudent to avoid these e-cigarettes until risks and benefits are clear.

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