Reverse T2 Diabetes Workshop

Learn 6 cutting edge evidence-based medicine principles to Jumpstart your diabetes control*.

  • At 500 million + and counting, Type 2 Diabetes represents the most dreaded pandemic human race has ever known. At over 96 million, India is probably the most affected of all.
  • With its unique genetic makeup, the South of India is the veritable Mecca for Type 2 diabetes.  
  • However, though the Genetic basis is the trigger, it isn’t the only factor. Genetic makeup, along with sub-optimal lifestyle leads to Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Lifestyle habits inherited from families such as Lack of Physical exercise, Chronic Stress, Unhealthy Sleep patterns and Excessive dependence on dietary carbohydrates contribute to and sustain a lion’s share of Type 2 Diabetes Pathogenesis.
  • Other contributory factors that add fuel to the fire are Alcohol, Smoking, Animal fats and Vitamin-D (lack of exposure to sunlight).
  • However, contrary to popular belief, Diabetes is completely reversible*. Certain lifestyle habits that sustain and promote Diabetes can be tweaked to set up a sustained reversal of the disorder.
  • Read more about the devastating Diabetes – https://preventabl.com/category/diabetes/

*Ref: McKenzie et al, JMIR Diabetes, 2017

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