Learn 6 cutting edge evidence-based medicine principles to prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

At 500 million + and counting, Type 2 Diabetes represents the most dreaded pandemic human race has ever known. At over 96 million, India is probably the most affected of all. With its unique genetic makeup, the South of India is the veritable Mecca for Type 2 diabetes.  

However, though the Genetic basis is the trigger, it isn’t the only factor. Genetic makeup, along with sub-optimal lifestyle leads to Type 2 Diabetes. Lifestyle habits inherited from families such as Lack of Physical exercise, Chronic Stress, Unhealthy Sleep patterns and Excessive dependence on dietary carbohydrates contribute to and sustain a lion’s share of Type 2 Diabetes Pathogenesis.

Other contributory factors that add fuel to the fire are Alcohol, Smoking, Animal fats and Vitamin-D (lack of exposure to sunlight). However, these habits are completely alterable and hence can impact control of Type 2 Diabetes comprehensively.